Great Outdoors Colorado Program - Constitutions - VLEX 302094

Great Outdoors Colorado Program


(1) The people of the State of Colorado intend that the net proceeds of every state-supervised lottery game operated under the authority of Article XVIII, Section 2 shall be guaranteed and permanently dedicated to the preservation, protection, enhancement and management of the state's wildlife, park, river, trail and open space heritage, except as specifically provided in this article. Accordingly, there shall be established the Great Outdoors Colorado Program to preserve, protect, enhance and manage the state's wildlife, park, river, trail and open space heritage. The Great Outdoors Colorado Program shall include:

(a) Wildlife program grants which:

(I) Develop wildlife watching opportunities;

(II) Implement educational programs about wildlife and wildlife environment;

(III) Provide appropriate programs for maintaining Colorado's diverse wildlife heritage;

(IV) Protect crucial wildlife habitats through the acquisition of lands, leases or easements and restore critical areas;

(b) Outdoor recreation program grants which:

(I) Establish and improve state parks and recreation areas throughout the State of Colorado;

(II) Develop appropriate...

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